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((2-10-01))finally starting on the galleries, keep your fingers crossed they will be done soon

((1-17-02)) Tis a dark day for Gundam fans one and all.  The infamous Gundam project is shutting down.  Although I will try to save all of his MS's as I can I will not be able to replace the Gundam Projcet.

((12-24-01)) Christmas Eve!! Have a Merry Chirstmas and all that!  It's been really slow in the world of gundam and I've been working on an Evangelion site till Gundam picks up again.  Ohter news(kinda old) G Gundam and Chars Counterattack are to be released into the USA(Gundam Wing and MSG fans rejoice!) Also some gundam toy made it on the dirty dozen list!

((12-15-01)) hello

((11-18-01))  Umm mecha and a banner for today.  Umm supposedly mobile fighter G Gundam is comming to the US along with Chars Counterattack a good dose of new stuff for MSG and GW fans alike(yes GW fans Chars COunterattack is better than MSG

((11-18-01)) empty............anyway this place is not up and running, just many empty pages......very very empty pages.......